Three Trees Bundle – Giveably
Three Trees Bundle - Giveably
Three Trees Bundle - Giveably
Three Trees Bundle - Giveably
Three Trees Bundle - Giveably

Three Trees Bundle

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We'll plant 70 trees when you buy this¬†ūüĆ≥

This bundle includes:

  • Clear Quartz Healing Tree Necklace
  • Rainbow Quartz Healing Tree Necklace
  • Tree of Life Diffuser Locket

The Clear Quartz Healing Tree Necklace is the perfect companion for your healing and spiritual journey. This crystal is believed to be one of the best gifts of Mother Nature. Wear this piece for harmony, healing, and balancing your energy.

The charming Rainbow Quartz necklace symbolizes hope and positive energy. Add some cheerful color to your wardrobe with this captivating piece.

With our Tree of Life Diffuser Locket, you can experience the benefits of your favorite essential oils on the go. This lovely necklace locks in the scent of fragrant oils in the felt pad and slowly releases them throughout the day.

How to use the Tree of Life Diffuser Locket:

  1. Add a few drops of your favorite essential oil onto a felt pad (several colors included to choose from). 
  2. Insert the felt pad inside the locket.
  3. Close the locket and insert the metal chain through the locket's loops to secure it. 
  4. Wear it around your neck and enjoy the scent throughout your day.

Giveably offers all-natural stones, given to us by Mother Earth. So as we receive, we give back. Every single dollar you spend at Giveably plants a tree. Our way of showing gratitude to our planet.

Click ADD TO CART to purchase the Three Trees Bundle and plant trees without even looking at a single shovel. Win for you, win for the earth.

Tree of Life Diffuser Locket                            
Diameter: Approx 1.40in Chain: Approx 24in

Clear Quartz Healing Tree Necklace / Rainbow Quartz Healing Tree Necklace  
Length: Approx 2in
Width: Approx 0.60in
Chain length: Approx 20in


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How does Giveably give back?

It's really simple. You buy cool jewelry, we plant a tree for every single dollar you spend in store. That's it. Job done. Planet saved.

Why do you do this?

TREES ARE AWESOME. They trap our carbon and provide us with fresh air to breathe. PLUS who doesn't like sipping on a cold drink under the shade of a nice leafy oak or poplar?

How do you do it?

On the 1st of January each year, in the middle of the pitch black cold night (while everyone else is drinking booze and celebrating new-years), we pack up our tree planting kit, along with all the seeds and saplings that we've collected for everyone that year, and we head off on our long, lonely trek to the mountains. We find just the right spot, not too warm, not too cold. Not to high, not too low. Not too bright, not too dark. Then we carefully dig the perfect hole for each little baby tree. One by one we softly place them in, then cover them up tightly with soil and sprinkle them each with seven drops of water that's been blessed by forest elves.

Well, that's how we used to do it. But we realized that we could only get through 4 or 5 trees a year that way and things were getting a bit busy.

So, we partnered with Trees For The Future - a fantastic organization that's passionate about making a big difference to the environment and helping those less fortunate. And now they plant all our trees for us!

Find out more here.

What's Project Planet?

It's the next level, super awesome members club where you can help fight climate change. When you join you'll be helping plant 30 awesome, carbon trapping, climate loving trees every single month. On top of the amazing feeling you get from that, we also let you pick a super cool gift each month (worth $40) to say thanks. To join Project Planet or learn more about it click here.



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