About Giveably

About Giveably

Giveably has always offered incredible products that tie in with our passion to help people feel good about themselves and about life. But that wasn’t enough. We wanted to truly help change the world for the better. 

It all started with the observation that people buy a lot of stuff. The accumulation of things has become so second nature that, often, we don’t think how this could impact the environment. 

It’s for this reason that we thought of changing the way people shop that would create a positive impact in the world.

Then an idea came to mind: 


Trees are essential for humans to live and breathe (literally). Trees are vital to the world. 

Our mission was clear: To plant a tree for everyone on the planet. 

This was a huge task to carry out alone. So we kicked it off with a simple promise: We will plant a tree for every dollar a customer spends at the Giveably store. 

But we wanted to push this idea further by encouraging more people to plant more trees. And so, Project Planet was born.

Project Planet’s concept was simple: Each member will be able to plant 30 trees every month. On top of that, members will get to choose a top-notch gift monthly worth up to $40. 

In order to fulfill this promise of planting trees, Giveably partnered with Trees for the Future, a charitable organization that revitalizes lands through sustainable agriculture and has planted millions of trees across Asia, Africa, and the Americas. 

As of 2021, customers have helped plant more than 456,000 trees!

Be part of the Pro-Earth Revolution!

You can help our cause by shopping in our store here, or even better by joining Project Planet here.

Thanks for reading. Tree you later!

Chris & Anthony
Planet Lovers / Founders of Giveably