Copy of About Giveably

Copy of About Giveably

You have a problem. And by you, we mean the world...

Everyone just buys stuff - a LOT of stuff. Sometimes it's for you, sometimes it's for someone else. Sometimes it's good stuff, sometimes it's not so good. Sometimes it improves your life, but usually it doesn't.

And you know what it almost never does? It almost never makes any positive difference to the world. We wanted to do something about that.

So we started Giveably.
We knew we already had incredible products. Products that tie in with our passion to help make people feel good about themselves and about life.
But that wasn't enough.
We wanted to truly help change the world for the better. 
We didn't quite know exactly what we were going to do yet, but we knew it was going to be cool. Then, after a few months of not knowing, we looked out of the office window and suddenly knew. And we still know...


Trees are awesome. They feed us, they give us air to breath, they give us sweet cooling shade in the summer. No one has anything bad to say about trees (except maybe that messy White Mulberry tree, he really lets the side down).

Our mission was clear: To plant a tree for everyone on the planet.

Now we know what you're thinking, and yes it's a fairly big mission. So we need your help to do it.

We decided to kick it off with a simple promise. We plant a tree for every dollar spent in our store. Spend $20 we plant 20 trees. Spend $50 we plant 50 trees. Spend $1.5M we plant 1.5 million trees (looking at you Gates).

Long story short, when you buy stuff from us we plant trees, and it makes things better for everyone (including you).
But that still wasn't enough. How were we going to take things to the next level? This had us... stumped. (sorry)

Then, after about 25 minutes of not knowing, we looked out of the office window and suddenly knew. Then we forgot briefly. But then we remembered...

A Club!

Clubs are even more awesome than trees (clearly that depends on the club, but ours was going to be cool).

So we started a next level, super awesome members club. It's called Project Planet and it's pretty exclusive, so you might not even get in*. When you're a member we plant 30 trees for you every month. You also get to choose a top notch gift every month (worth 40 bucks). It also makes you one of the best humans on the planet and you get bragging rights over all other, lesser humans.

*you'll definitely get in, and it'll change your life for the better so just go for it.

So to sum it all up, Giveably was started by a couple of guys with an eye for awesome jewelry and a passion for helping the world. We decided to plant a tree for everyone on the planet. We then employed much smarter, more organised people to help us do the tricky bits. And now - it's happening!

You can help our cause by shopping in our store here, or even better by joining Project Planet here.

Thanks for reading. Peace out.

Chris & Adib
Planet Lovers / Founders of Giveably